25 February 2009

Letter to Lorenzo Pease, Hamilton College

Auburn, Jan. 5th 1827

Dear Son,

I have once more to announce to you the melancholy tidings of the death of a fellow mortal. Death has again entered our village and taken one in the prime of life from our midst. James Fitch expired this morning. He has bid adieu to this vain transitory world, and has gone to try the realities of a never ending eternity. Let us ask ourselves this all important question, Should we be summoned to appear before the bar of God, are we prepared to meet our judge in peace? If not, as we have now entered upon another year, let us resolve that, with the aid of divine assistance, we will endeavor to live a life more devoted to the Lord. Praying always, with all prayer and supplication, that God in infinite mercy would bring us to repentance, and the love of the truth, as it is in Jesus, that through grace we may be enabled by faith to walk with him in newness of life.

I hope soon of having the pleasure to see you at home; your clothes are nearly completed for you. Cousin Eugenia Pease is here on a visit, she expects to spend some time with us. We wish you to come home and spend the vacation with us.

There has been a number of marriages since you left home, viz. Doct. D. Cole, of Oswego, to Miss Philura Bostwick, M.S. Myers to Susan Cornell, Hiram Bostwick to Ann M. Cornell, and Asahel C. Munger to Eloisa Finn. We all enjoy good health. I have not much news to write. Excuse the shortness of my letter for I am in haste. Enclosed is $17.00.

From your affectionate mother,
Persis Pease.

The girls wish to write their names and send to you.
Laura Ann Pease. Catharine Eliza Pease.

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