03 March 2009

Harvard University


Harvard College, established in 1635, is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. For most of its history, it has been a bastion of the white, male, Protestant elites. Included on the list below are some of Auburn's own contributions to that tradition.

Noel Edgar Bensinger
Alexander Magnus Drummond, playwright, educator (A.M., 1907)
Avery Robert Dulles, S.J., theologian, cardinal (A.B., 1940)
William Seward Elder, attorney (LL.B., 1897)
Huntington Gilchrist, political scientist, diplomat (A.M., 1916)
George Maurice Grady, newspaper editor (no degree)
Edward Sandford Martin, essayist (A.B., 1877)
Archibald R. Marvin (M.E., 1870)
Edwin Flint Metcalf (no degree)
Benjamin Charles Mead (A.B.)
Charles Devens Osborne, publisher, mayor (A.B., 1910)
Lithgow Osborne, diplomat (A.B., 1915)
Robert Klipfel Osborne (A.B., 1918)
Thomas Mott Osborne, prison reformer (A.B., 1884)
John Silas Reed, journalist, communist (A.B., 1910)
Herbert Glover Robinson (A.B., 1900)
William H. Seward, soldier, banker
Kennard Underwood, jurist (LL.B., 1911)