22 February 2009

Streets of Auburn

A single-rhymed alphabet verse

AUGUSTUS, a soldier, the statesman's son.
BOSTWICK, a settler whose "deeds" had been done.
CASE pioneered sound-on-film invention.
ELM for the branches that once hid the sun.
FORT, where the granite weighs many a ton.
GENESEE turnpike far westward did run.
HARDENBERGH, founder, whose name was undone.
I for Iroquois, whose names we did shun.
JAMES had a schoolhouse where now there is none.
KEARNEY, a bishop, was home for the nun.
LAKE leads to swimming and "Broadway" and fun.
MacDOUGALL lies buried at ARLINGTON.
NORTH has bronze OSBORNE (reformed detention).
ORCHARD, with street and avenue version.
PROSPECT "sees" students paying tuition.
QUILL for the hill where so many sleds spun.
RICHARDSON making his chairs had begun.
STATE with its prison and chair that did stun.
TUBMAN, our Moses, who freedom had won.
UNION, a nod to the goal of LINCOLN.
VENICE and FLORENCE the artists mention.
WHEELER -- bell, mayor, militia with gun.
X for GROVE AVENUE's curved extension.
YORK for royals, who rate a rare mention.
Z, the "dead end" for your kind attention!