06 March 2009

Mayors of Auburn

Auburn was incorporated as a village in 1815, and the trustees of the village government were led by the village president. Auburn received its city charter in 1848, and thereafter the mayors of the city have presided over the common council or, as it is now called, the city council. Those who have wielded the mayor's gavel represent a wide array of professions and backgrounds. They have typically demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the wellbeing and advancement of the community.

Cyrus C. Dennis (1848)
Daniel Hewson (1849)
Aurelian Conkling (1850-51)
Benjamin Franklin Hall (1852)
Thomas Y. How, Jr. (1853)
George Underwood (1854)
Joshua Burt (1854)
John L. Watrous (1855)
Sylvanus Henry (1856)
Lansingh Briggs (1857-1859)
Christopher Morgan (1860)
George Humphreys (1861, 1865)
Jonas White, Jr. (1863)
Charles G. Briggs (1864)
John Schurman Fowler (1866-67)
James E. Tyler (1868)
John M. Hurd (1869)
Thomas Kirkpatrick (1870)
Eli Gallup (1871)
Edward A. Thomas (1872)
John S. Brown (1873)
Charles Nelson Ross (1874)
Theodore M. Pomeroy (1875-76)
Alexander McCrea (1877)
Martin Luther Walley (1878)
David Munson Osborne (1879-1880)
Cyrenus Wheeler, Jr. (1881-1886, 1889-1890)
Mortimer V. Austin (1887-88)
David Wadsworth, Jr. (1891-92)
John E. McIntosh (1893-94)
Orlando Lewis (1895-1900)
William C. Burgess (1901-02)
Thomas Mott Osborne (1903-1905)
E. Clarence Aiken (1906-07)
C. Augustus Koenig (1908-09)
Thomas Halligan O'Neill (1910-13)
Charles Brister (1914-15)
Mark I. Koon (1916-19)
Adam Percival Burkhart (1920-23)
Roy A. Weld (1924-27)
Charles Devens Osborne (1928-31, 1936-39)
Kirk Bowen (1932-35)
Carl R. Brister (1940-43)
Edward T. Boyle (1944-51)
Robert A. Nelson (1952-55)
Herbert T. Anderson (1956-59)
Maurice I. Schwartz (1960-67)
Leonard R. Greene (1967)
Paul W. Lattimore (1968-83)
Edward L. Lauckern (1984-91)
Guy Thomas Cosentino
Christopher De Angelis
Melina Carnicelli
Timothy C. Lattimore
Michael Quill